An infinite number of universes exist, but they are not all the same. Together they all make up a single, unique, and living super-organism.


The universe we live in is intelligent, free and creative, even though it has limitations. It has its own special purpose to fulfill that Life has entrusted it with: the goal to create Secondary Beauty.


The third theorem is coherent with the first two, and arises out from them. This is the Cosmo-Art theorem or the Theorem of Secondary Beauty (see A.M. “The Ulysseans – the Theorem and the Myth to Travel from One Universe to Another” published by The Sophia University of Rome, 2009).


Secondary beauty is the result of a fusion between human and cosmic forces. They are both indispensible to each other. They are both present within each human being, but the ability to fuse them together is found only in the Choral Group SELF.


All of the universes together form a living system. Every system contains a network of sub-systems and of emergent properties. These emerge only as the result of the action of many causes fused together, which belong to the entire system.

An emergent property never belongs to the sub-system in itself, but rather to the entire system.


The basic building blocks of Life are intelligence, freedom and creativity. Truth, love and beauty are blocks that are added later.

Life comes before anything else, and it existed before the living system made up of all the universes.

Life existed even before the existence of both the personal and cosmic SELF.

Life is and it is becoming and it knows the art of fusing death with life, and the art of fusing being with becoming to create, in time, what it can not get from eternity: a life form that is both eternal and immortal.

This is because Life is eternal as it is, but it is not yet immortal.


Life is not the Supreme Being. Life is not God.


Life generates infinite universes with different forms of life for each one.

As far as I am concerned, I am convinced that our biological parents are only intermediaries between ourselves and Life, between ourselves and the universe.

Life is my mother and the universe I live in is my father.

Life gives me creative and vital energy so I can live and create.

The universe gives me everything I need so I can fulfill its purpose and my purpose, if I align myself with its axis.


An infinite number of universes exist, but they are not all the same. Together they all make up a single, unique, and living super-organism.

(This theorem and the others that follow are based on analogical reasoning, rather than on mathematical calculations).

On planet Earth an infinite number of species exist, and they are all intelligent, but not in the same way.

Every species chooses the niche it lives and evolves in, and it adapts to the needs and resources of that particular niche.

Therefore, every species is also endowed with freedom and with creativity as well as intelligence, although these are qualities that have specific limitations.

Every species takes on a task that is different from the tasks of the other species. No one imposes it on them; each species chooses their own task freely.

The tasks of each of the species are harmoniously organized so that what we call the biosphere can be created and maintained, just like it were a single living organism.

There is constant communication that takes place between all the species and within each of the species.

We are aware of only a few types of communication and not all of them.

There are continual mechanisms of action and retroaction that guide how a species proliferates with respect to the others.

Every species fights for its own existence but not all of them are destined to survive. There is a circular causality that guides and determines how some are successful and some are not.

Whatever is valid for the species in general is also valid for each individual that belongs to the species. This is most certainly true for each individual that belongs to the human species as well.

Each individual is also a super-organism with respect to its smallest components: its cells, molecules and atoms.

Every universe is free and creative besides being intelligent, even though these qualities are constrained within certain limitations and conditions.

Every universe has its own specific task to fulfill, that harmonizes with the tasks of all the other universes that exist today and will exist in the future.

All the universes communicate with each other even though today we still do not know how.

The law of general gravity tells us that all the atoms in this universe communicate to each other, and quantum mechanics has taught us that the same thing is true of all the atomic particles and sub-particles.

Just as all the individuals within a species make up a super-organism we call species, and just as all the species put together make up the super-organism of the biosphere, all the universes together make up a single super-universe, a single, unique, living super-organism.


The universe we live in is intelligent, free and creative, even though it has certain limitations, and it has a special purpose to fulfill that Life has assigned to it: the goal of Secondary Beauty.

When this universe was forming, it chose for itself certain physical laws instead of others (see Lee Smolin: “The Life of the Cosmos”). No one imposed them on it. These laws made it possible for cosmic life, biological life, cultural life, spiritual life and artistic life to appear and evolve.

This could not have happened if the universe were not intelligent, free and creative.

Biological life is based on carbon chemistry. There is no reason why other universes could not exist that have life forms based on other physical and chemical laws that we are unfamiliar with.

We do know that the life of a work of art depends on carbon chemistry, which the human organism is based on and is what eventually takes on the identity of an artist. However, we also know that the life of a work of art is not based on carbon chemistry. How this happens is a mystery, but we know this is true.

The answer to the question “is it possible that the lesser contains the greater?” is yes, as long as the lesser is part of a system’s circular causality, and the greater is the result of various causes, not just one.

Just as all the species that live within planet Earth’s biosphere have a harmonious and functional role in its maintenance and development, there is also a harmonious purpose for the various different universes, which we are not yet aware of.

This theorem’s first proposition is that the life of this universe is not an end to itself, but has a harmonious role with respect to all the other universes.

The second proposition is that this universe has specific laws and tasks that are different from the other universes, and the universe chose these tasks itself, even though it was Life that asked it to do so.

The specific task of this universe is to create Secondary Beauty, without which Life cannot travel from one universe to the next.


The third theorem, the theorem of Cosmo-Art or the theorem of Secondary Beauty, is coherent with the first and the second theorems (see A.M. “The Ulysseans – The Theorem and the Myth for Travelling from one Universe to another” published by Solaris Editions of the University of Rome, 2009).

There is primary beauty, which is created by nature, and there is secondary beauty, which is created by human beings in harmony with the laws of Life.

The first type of beauty is mortal, the second is immortal.

If Life wants to be not only eternal but also immortal, it can only do so if it entrusts to humanity the goal of creating secondary beauty.

Humans, artists of their own lives and of the life of the universe, have been asked to create a type of beauty that does not exist in nature and that will never be subject to death or to entropy, nor is it subject to the laws of gravity that pertain to the space-time of this universe.

This type of beauty is made up of a field of energy that is inextinguishable. It can travel from one universe to another and we can go with it.

For the creation of this beauty it is necessary that pain exists, it is necessary that death exists, it is necessary that art exists and it is necessary that wisdom exists (see A.M. “The Ulysseans”, Chapter V).

An artist that does not face pain and death cannot create anything that is immortal. But those who face only pain and not death do not know the secret of art, nor can they create any beauty.

At the same time, only those who are wise will decide to be artists of their lives and not victims, when they are faced with pain and death (see Charlie in the movie “Scent of a woman”; A.M. “La nascita della Cosmo-Art: Primo Laboratorio di Cosmo-Art {The Birth of Cosmo-Art: First Cosmo-Art Laboratory}).

Every silk worm creates a certain amount of silk threads. Then along comes a human being who, artisan and artist that he is, unites those threads together with those of thousands of other silk worms, and creates a beautiful garment.

Each single silk worm will never see the completed garment.

But does it think that its life hasn’t had any meaning?

Will it refuse to make silk threads?

The silk worm knows nothing about the human being who will come and transform its silk into a garment or a scarf that ends up beautifully draped around a woman’s neck.

We also don’t know who will weave the beauty we have created in our lives into something else, nor do we know what the end result will be. But we can think about it, we can imagine it, and we can hope as we entrust ourselves to Life’s goal.

It depends on us whether we want to remain at the level of intelligence of the silk worm, or whether we want to reach the level of intelligence of an artist.

If Life entrusts itself to us, can we entrust ourselves to Life?

Without oxygen we cannot breathe and we cannot live. But who ever thinks about the fact that oxygen was transformed and created, long before the trees did so, by a legion of “insignificant” cells, cyanobacteria, millions and millions of years ago?

Are we insignificant cells or are we silk worms and artists of life, who first spin the silk and then weave it, creating immortal beauty?

It is up to us to decide what we want to do. But one thing is certain: Life needs us, and it created this specific universe, different from all the others, so human beings could be created and evolve to the point of becoming artists of their lives and artists of the life of the universe.

When S. Hawking in his book “A Brief History of Time” asks : “Why does the universe bother to live?”, he can’t find an answer. Cosmo-Art has found an answer that is ingenious, beautiful and elegant, and if Hawking knew about it he would most certainly like it.


Secondary Beauty is the result of a fusion between human and cosmic forces. They are both present within each human being but the way to fuse them together is found only within the Choral Group SELF.

The Choral Group SELF does not exist unless it is created. For it to be created it is necessary that the I of two or more persons gradually fuse together, guided by a common goal to create beauty. This is true for the Choral Group SELF of a couple as well as for the Choral Group SELF of a group.

The fusion of the I with a You and the fusion of the I with Others is the result of a constant action of human forces. The action of nature and the action of the cosmos alone cannot create this type of fusion. This is obvious if we look around us.

A note about cosmic forces.

A star does not exist unless it is created. For it to be created, a cloud of hydrogen atoms must condense around a gravitational center to the point of collapsing. Then, the hydrogen atoms fuse and a thermonuclear reaction begins.

There are many factors and causes that contribute to the birth of a star. All these factors operate together towards a single common goal; they operate as a single living organism that is born of a Cosmic Choral Group SELF.

Scientists (see Lee Smolin) say that elliptical galaxies are created from the fusion of two spiral galaxies. An elliptical galaxy can give rise to a great black hole that is fed by the mass of the stars that fall into it. Within this black hole a new universe can be formed.

Two galaxies that fuse together create an immense cosmic force that originates from the Choral SELF of the Cosmos.

The ways that cosmic forces interact with human forces is still unknown to us, and our intuition can only grasp a few of them.

The beauty that artists create is also the result of a Choral Group SELF, even though it is usually attributed only to the artist that gave it its final shape.

When we read, however, the analyses of the art critics, we discover another truth, we learn that there were many other factors that concurred to generate, all together, a work of art.

One of many possible examples: the Sistine Chapel would have never existed if it hadn’t been for the stubborn insistence of Pope Julius II, who wanted it so bad that he sent his guards after Michelangelo to bring him back after he had run away to Tuscany.

We common mortals know how cosmic forces fuse with human forces only through astrology, which explains how planets and constellations influence our ways of being and of acting.

But astrophysics is becoming ever more understandable to many, and from this discipline we can learn many things that are no longer the exclusive knowledge of scientists.

According to Cosmo-Art, cosmic forces are already acting along with human forces from as early as intrauterine life. The type of pain that the Fetal I is struck with when it experiences a trauma is a cosmic force; the temporary way that the Fetal I faces it, by using defensive and offensive mechanisms so it doesn’t succumb to it and die, is a human one.

Nevertheless, it is clear to an ever growing number of people that life based only on the type of security offered by our defensive and offensive strategies means that we are only surviving, not living. It is also becoming ever more clear that no matter what, sooner or later life forces us to abandon these mechanisms. When this happens, we have two possibilities: either we find radical, creative solutions to our traumas, or else, in one way or another, they will destroy us.

In a group of Existential Personalistic Anthropology or of Cosmo-Art, one can learn the method for creating a Choral Group SELF, which is like a furnace for human and cosmic energies put together. Here one can learn how to fuse them together and create secondary beauty.

In these groups one can also learn how to create a bridge between intrauterine life and intracosmic life, and from there on to ultracosmic life. An infinite number of energies pass across such a bridge, and they can radically transform a human life.

In summary:

Since there are many universes, it is necessary to have an immortal life that can travel from one universe to the next.

Some dream of obtaining an immortal biological life, but Cosmo-Art dreams of an immortal life that pertains to secondary beauty.

Secondary beauty can be created by a Choral Group SELF and by the organismic principle, and not by a single Personal SELF alone.

The I must therefore create a Choral Group SELF together with others that is the synthesis of two (an I and a You) or more (an I and Others) people.

Every synthesis produces a quantum of secondary beauty. A complexity of quantums of beauty produces the immortal life of secondary beauty.

These syntheses are created with the energy of wisdom, of pain and of art, which defines the goal and gives it its final shape.

Synthesis is fusion. Fusion is the result of a complexity of causes that all work together according to the guidelines of the organismic principle.

In organisms, the force that wins over repulsion is its purpose.

The force that assures continuity of attraction is love.

Primary beauty is created by nature; secondary beauty is created by a life that continually transforms itself by means of fusion.

Fusion requires that the parts that must fuse macerate, and there can be no maceration if there is not pain.

Pain is the cosmic force that can macerate the I , its absolutism and its drive for power, so it becomes capable of fusing with another.

The Artistic I , both on an individual and a group level, knows how and when the fusion must take place, so that its result is beauty, and not madness or death.

The Cosmic I, without the help of the individual and group Artistic I, cannot create any type of immortal beauty.


All of the universes together make up a living system. Every system contains a network of subsystems and of emergent properties that emerge only as the result of the action of many causes, fused together, that all belong to the whole system.

An emergent property never belongs to the subsystem alone, it belongs to the totality of the whole system.

A system is alive if it is endowed with intelligence, freedom and creativity, however great or small the presence of these three conjoined factors may be at any time within the system itself.

A system is made up of sub-systems. (The whole is composed of many parts: the whole of the parts is greater than the sum of its parts).

If a subsystem is living, then the whole system must necessarily be living¸ because the life of the subsystem is an emergent property (see F. Capra: “The Web of Life”) that is the result of the circular causality of the whole system. If human beings are alive, then the universe must necessarily be a living being as well.

If the planet Earth is a living being (see the Gaia Theory of James Lovelock), the solar system is also alive, and, moving on, the system of the Milky Way galaxy is living, this universe is a living system and the whole of all the universes is a living system. This is because the whole as a system is endowed with intelligence, freedom and creativity that already exist, and that are being and are becoming.

A biological organism (human beings, animals, plants or bacteria) is alive because it is a subsystem that is part of a living system, in this case planet Earth’s biosphere, which is endowed with intelligence, freedom and creativity.

A biological organism becomes a cadaver when it loses the energy field that is made up of intelligence, freedom and creativity , that interact together as a whole throughout the entire system.

If this energy field breaks down or dissolves, the life breaks down or dissolves.

If a virus now resists certain drugs whereas before it was overcome by them, it means that it is endowed with intelligence and thus it is capable of learning, with freedom that allows it to choose which defensive mechanisms to use, and with creativity, because it creates a new structure it didn’t have before, and that now allows it to resist the drug.

If a system is living, it is endowed with life, and, therefore, the concept of life cannot be referred only to biological life, because the whole of the universes cannot be reduced to only biological life, nor can a galactic or a solar system be reduced to only biological life.

In our solar system, biological life is only one of the “emergent properties” that are potentially contained within the system. We can deduce from this that it is a grave error to reduce the concept of life to biological life alone.

Emergent properties belong to the system and not to the single parts that it is made up of, therefore they cannot emerge except as a result of the whole system.

The properties of water are not contained in the properties of hydrogen or oxygen taken separately.

But if hydrogen and oxygen fuse with the proper quantities (two parts of hydrogen with one part oxygen), water is created: then, and only then, do the properties of water emerge.

On a planetary scale we could say that biological life is only one of the “emergent properties” of planet Earth.

Some other emergent and self-creating properties that have already appeared on Earth are: language, culture, art and civilization. These are all forms of non-biological life that are self-created and self-evolving, because they are part of the flow of circular causes of the whole system.

The spiritual life of a populace is also a form of emergent life, just as its cultural life is.

Looking at it in another way, we could also say that cultural and spiritual life are two emergent properties of biological life, properties that have emerged over millions of years.

Here a question arises: couldn’t we discover one day that a form of immortal life is also one of the possible emergent properties of biological life?

The universe we belong to has been evolving for billions of years.

It took time before the galaxies appeared, which are an emergent property of the universe.

It took time before the solar system appeared, which is also most certainly an emergent property of the Milky Way galaxy.

It took some time, but then planet Earth appeared, an emergent property of this solar system.

It took time, but then biological life appeared, an emergent property of planet Earth.

It will take some time, but why couldn’t an immortal form of human life that is not biological appear as an emergent property of biological life?

Our universe is a subsystem of the whole of all the universes.

The heart, like the brain, the liver and the intestines, are subsystems of the system that makes up the whole human organism.

The whole of these subsystems form a network that make life capable of carrying out specific tasks that go beyond biological life: creating culture, art, and beauty.

Our universe has a specific task that one day will connect with those of the other universes.

Cosmo-Art asserts that this specific task is the creation of secondary beauty, a type of immortal beauty that is an emergent property of biological life, fused together with other causes.

Looking at only this universe, we can imagine a cascade of emergent properties that arise from a preceding emergent property, no longer following the principle of cause and effect according to linear causality, but following the principle of circular causality. This means that when the specific energies of many causes are put together, a super energy is created that is capable of producing effects that an isolated cause arising from the others never would have been able to produce.

We can deduce that this is what happens in group work in Existential Personalistic Anthropology and Cosmo-Art, when a Choral Group SELF is created.

Many individuals united together create a synergy of special forces. This synergy of special forces is like a superforce, which, once created, penetrates each individual and produces transformations that are emergent properties of the individual, but that the individual alone would never have been able to create.


Intelligence, freedom and creativity are the fundamental building blocks of Life.

Truth, love and beauty are building blocks that are added later.

Life comes before anything else and it comes before the living system of the whole of all the universes put together.

It even comes before the existence of the SELF, both the personal and the cosmic one.

Life is and it is becoming and it knows the art of fusing death with life, and the art of fusing being with becoming to create, in time, what it cannot get from eternity: a life form that is both eternal and immortal.

This is because Life is eternal as it is, but it is not yet immortal.

We don’t know and we may never know what the true essence of Life is, but one thing we do know for certain: it is endowed with intelligence, freedom and creativity. We also know that every living being coming from Life is a being that is also endowed with intelligence, freedom and creativity.

Now, every living being, because it is living, has both being and becoming within it.

Therefore we can also deduce that Life is and is becoming; it has within itself both being and becoming. In many of its forms Life is subject to death, but, then, in the course of history, it invents new life forms that face death and overcome it forever. For this reason its being and its becoming become eternal and immortal.

Aristotle’s God is but is not becoming, it is immobile and immutable; therefore it is not a Living being.

In the same manner, human beings who are but who are not becoming, that is, who never change and never transform themselves because they stay rigidly fixated in the old ways of thinking they were born with, and in their old behaviors they have always identified with, are shadows. They are not living beings, even though they may think they are.

To reconcile being and becoming is an art, a high form of art, the art of Life; Aristotle’s God does not posses this art and many human beings who have forged themselves in the image of this God know nothing of this art. Therefore, they know nothing about Life.

They possess their lives like a shadow possesses a life, but they will never know anything about the fullness and beauty of Life, just as a shadow knows nothing about such fullness and beauty.

The wise Chinese are masters of the art of change and transformation, and they dispensed their art and wisdom in their immortal book of the “I Ching”.

Sophia-Art and Cosmo-Art are a new way of conjugating art and wisdom and of making being and becoming exist together in a form of immortal life. This form is secondary beauty, a beauty that never dies.

A tree is and is becoming, but then, one day, it will die.

The human body is and is becoming and then, one day, it will die.

A star is and is becoming but then, one day, it too will die.

And not only the stars, but also the galaxies and the universe that contains them all will, one day, die.

A work of art is and is becoming, but, by its very nature, it will never die. This is the great power of art, which is immensely superior to the power of nature.

A life that is lived both individually and within a choral group as a work of art creates secondary beauty that will never die. The power of art and of wisdom, fused together, is a power that is even greater than that of art alone.

Use your own imagination to follow the path of a work of art throughout history (Leonardo da Vinci’s The Last Supper, for example?), and then use your imagination, if you can, to imagine the future paths of a life that has been lived as a work of art. Dante Alighieri will no longer be enough for you, nor will the writers of science fiction.

The Eastern way of thinking that affirms that only being is and becoming is pure illusion, is not a way of thinking that can be of much help to Sophia-Art and Cosmo-Art. Eastern thought has two grave weaknesses. First of all, it solves the problem of opposites by eliminating one of the opposites. By doing so, it eliminates in one fell swoop the art of reconciliation of opposites and the mystery of Life.

Secondly, it eliminates the meaning of pain and its importance throughout history, both on an individual and a societal level, because according to it, pain is also an illusion. It also eliminates death and its important and indispensable significance which is of service to Life, because also death is illusion. And last but not least, it eliminates the individual as well, because it, too, is an illusion, and it eliminates the immense value of individual artistic creation. If the individual is a part of the SELF and its destiny is to become annulled into the SELF like a drop of water is annulled when it meets the sea, then the SELF exists, but the individual no longer does. The sea exists, but the drop exists no longer.

History ceases to exist and at this point it becomes incomprehensible as to why we humans are here and keep on suffering. This is immensely cruel on the part of the SELF and this was also the immense poverty of India, until Gandhi came along and restored hope and dignity to the pariahs; hope, dignity and creativity to the individual and to its power to change history and the life of the universe, to the life of Life itself and of the SELF as well.

Line by line text and commentary:

Intelligence, freedom and creativity are the fundamental building blocks of Life.

Truth, love and beauty are building blocks that are added later.


The Energy that transforms itself into matter, and the matter that transforms itself into energy possess intelligence, freedom and creativity. Scientists know that the atom possesses intelligence, freedom and creativity, just as a virus and a spore do.

Human beings have today reached the power to add new intelligence, new freedom and new creativity to energy and matter.

Humanity has always had the power to add new building blocks to the fundamental ones of life, such as truth, freedom, love and beauty. These are among some of the most important values that human beings can add to their lives.

Whatever human beings add to their lives they also add to Life. Among all living forms only human beings can add values to Life. The other life forms can only add intelligence, freedom and creativity. In other words, they can add building blocks, but not values, and this is what makes the difference between the human species and other species.

Life comes before anything else and it comes before the living system of the whole of all the universes put together.


Just as dawn comes before day and dusk comes before night, Life comes before every other thing and comes before the whole of all the universes.

It is the flow of life that creates the universes and everything that exists within them.

It even comes before the existence of the SELF,

both the personal and the cosmic one.


We can really only stammer about the existence of the Personal and Cosmic SELF, but we do know that they exist and that they guide human life along its pathway. Both of them are creations of Life and therefore we say that Life comes before either one.

Life is and it is becoming and it knows the art of fusing death with life, and the art of fusing being with becoming to create, in time, what it can not get from eternity: a life form that is both eternal and immortal.


Being and becoming belong to Life, just as death and life do, sometimes separately and sometimes fused and conjoined as a result of the art of the fusion of two or more opposites. Therefore, we affirm that both opposites themselves and the art of fusing them and extracting from them a new life form, superior to the one that existed before the fusion, belong to Life as well.

If we look at Life only as being it is eternal, but if we look at it only as becoming, it is mortal. We already learned this from Parmenides and Heraclitus. But if, instead, we look at it as a fusion of being and becoming, it can be both eternal and immortal.

We can find one example of the fusion of being and becoming in our daily lives in what happens when we ride a bicycle. There is one moment in which the bicycle is immobile, and another in which the bicycle is moving. Movement is the result of the synthesis of three opposites: stability, movement and the balance between stability and movement.

It is not easy for us to understand how death and life can be fused together and remain balanced, but this is what happens. We can see it in works of art, if only we reflect carefully on the type of life that works of art possess, which is a type of life that is different from every other type of life we know.

Because Life is eternal as it is, but it is not yet immortal.


Life is like a river that runs continuously, passing constantly from one form of life to another, through the cycle of death and rebirth. Many lives are born and many lives die. The forms disappear and the life remains.

We call the ability of life to constantly flow in time, creating the time within which to flow, eternity.

If time ends, life ends with it.

We call the ability to stop time, by stopping the cycle of death and rebirth, and at the same time the ability to create time and condense the time of all times in one same, single life form, that is both being and becoming, immortality. This is what happens by antonomasia in every single work of art that is capable of creating immortal beauty.

When Life that is primary beauty will create first a form of life that is secondary beauty, creating a fusion between cosmic and human forces, then life will be both eternal and immortal within that single form.

When this happens within a single human life and within many human lives fused together, then Life will be both eternal and immortal.


Life is not the Supreme Being. Life is not God.

God is omnipotent and perfect.

Life is potent and imperfect.

God creates instantly.

Life takes millions and billions of years to complete its creations.

God is eternal and immortal.

Life is eternal but it is mortal, and without death it would not know how to create new lives.

It is mortal because it is subject to the continual cycle of death-rebirth. All life forms that it creates are subject to death, and all of them must continually pass through death to renew themselves.

Life that is mortal continually tends towards immortality, and it most certainly will accomplish it sooner or later.

God is absolute beauty and no one can add something else to his beauty.

Life is beautiful but it doesn’t have secondary beauty, immortal beauty. It needs us to accomplish it.

God doesn’t need anyone.

For Life we are precious beings, for God we are “useless servants”.

God that is pure perfection does not have to tend to perfection.

Life that is imperfect, tends continuously towards perfection. It often reaches it, but it never stops. It always tends towards an ever greater perfection.

God, that is the most perfect being, often reveals himself to be an unjust being, whom, in every epoch, invents new forms of injustice. No one will ever see the end of injustice on Earth.

Life that is imperfect does not care about justice and injustice. Its goal is to reach the perfection of art, and the goal of art is to create Beauty that does not yet exist.

It makes no sense to ask whether a work of art is just or unjust.

A work of art proposes its own truth, its freedom and its love, which is universal and inexhaustible. It never imposes its will and it does not decide who is just or who is unjust, nor does it decide who must go to hell and who must go to heaven.

The titanic effort of Life to create for itself and for everyone a form of life that is immortal is a universal effort that all living and non-living beings are involved in, whether they are just or unjust.

Creating a form of life that is immortal is the same thing as creating a form of beauty that, once created, is no longer subject to death.

Beauty that is no longer subject to death has within itself an inexhaustible energy that keeps it constantly alive, and spreads around it more vital energy that is also immortal.

There are many that fight for justice, but how many fight for Beauty?

Life creates, in time, the Cosmic SELF and the Personal SELF. These have something that is both an ally and an adversary: humanity.

Human beings create and human beings destroy, but, in the end, it is always Life that wins, and that reaches the goals it has set for itself for eternity.

Human hope is based on this certainty, and this is the thread that connects the generations of yesterday with the generations of today and tomorrow.

This is the nail that can hold up the frame that contains the individual and choral group work of art created by those who are artists of their own lives and of the life of the universe.

The wall it hangs on is no longer vertical, it is transversal. It is mobile, and not immobile like Aristotle’s God.

For those who are lazy, this change causes fear and disorientation, but for the audacious this is food that nourishes their dreams and their visions.


What are the Cosmo-Art Theorems good for?

Human life is like a canvas painted by a painter.

Every painting must be contained within a frame, and every frame needs a wall and a nail in the wall it can be hung on. Throughout human history there has never been a populace or a civilization that has not created a frame and a nail so it can hang its own painting up on the wall.

But at every turn of history it often happens that the frame is destroyed, the wall falls down and the nail breaks. Human beings lose the meaning of life and while many destroy themselves miserably, others search without pause for a frame they can create and for a wall that can hold up their painting and their life.

The search for a new cosmological viewpoint is essential when creating a new frame, a new nail and a new wall.

This is what I have tried to do with my work on the Cosmo-Art Theorems.